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Welcome to the Wine wheel

Wine is becoming an increasingly popular choice, both for drinking by itself and to accompany food.

Matching wine to compliment your meal is not an exact science and your own personal tastes and instincts should be your guide. The Wine Wheels have been designed to offer advice as to which wines suit different food groups.
These Wine Wheels have been developed by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors, which represents the major food wholesalers in Britain, in conjunction with some of the most prominent wine suppliers.

We hope they will help you in selecting suitable wine for your planned meal, or in recommending a meal that will accompany your wine choice.

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Red Wines… are generally served at cool room temperature (around 15-16o centigrade) and are opened at least 20 minutes before drinking to allow the wine to breath and release the full aroma and taste.

White and Rose Wines…are best served chilled at around 8-10o centigrade and kept cool. As a guide, an hour or so in the fridge or at least 10 minutes in an ice bucket will ensure the right chilled temperature for these wines.

The FWD Wine Blueprint is supported by seven of the UK's leading wine brand suppliers. They bring to the scheme big wine brands in which substantial marketing investment has been made - investment which has brought New World wines especially into prominence.

The scheme is also supported by the UK's major Wholesalers, represented by the FWD (Federation of Wholesale Distributors).

The FWD Wine Blueprint embraces the biggest wine brands in the marketplace, recommending product selection and display techniques which reflect current consumer demand.

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BRL Hardy Wine Company

Percy Fox & CO SouthCorp Wines Pernod Ricard UK Ernst & Julio Gallo